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May 12, 2020
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American Cocker Spaniel: Gun Dog

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The American type of cocker spaniel came from the English cocker spaniel. English cocker spaniels were shipped to the U.S.A. during the 1800's. These were a bit bigger than what became the American version. The hunters in the U.S. hankered for a dog somewhat smaller than the ones available; they wanted them for hunting small game birds like quail.

The way that this cocker breed was developed is lost in history; the dog named Ono that was birthed in 1880 is supposed to be the original American cocker spaniel. The word cocker was derived from the talent these dogs had for flushing out the game bird called a woodcock.

The English cocker spaniels were mated with toy spaniels to get the American type. In 1935 the American Kennel Club officially separated the English and American as two different breeds. This caused the American cocker spaniel to become even more popular than it was and it is still a favorite breed for many dog owners. It stayed so in vogue that the AKC claimed three main color types: parti-colored, black and ASCOB. The acronym stands for 'any solid color other than black.'

The color types can be further divided. The commonest color is buff, which is a light tan. Black can include tan points. Chocolate is an accepted color. The tricolors are black and white and buff points and brown and white with buff points. The particolors are roan that has some white hairs: blue roan, orange roan or black roan.

Besides being a great gun dog, the American cocker spaniel is a wonderful pet. They have sweet personality and they want to please their master. These dogs are sensitive and have average intelligence. They like to play and devote themselves to their master. They are prone to shyness around people, if they don't get enough socialization, when they are pups.

These spaniels, when not taught that you are the pack leader can exhibit unpleasant traits like fear and dominance syndrome, which translates into viciousness. It is a combination of shyness and sharpness. They may urinate submissively, aggressively guard objects or people, bark excessively or become hyperactive. Though the cocker spaniel needs to know you are the pack leader - train them firmly, but not harshly, which causes negative results. Plenty of exercise can divert some of these behaviors.

It needs daily walking or a good playtime for exercise. The coat, if not clipped short, needs to be brushed several times each week. It should be clipped and scissored by a groomer at two to three month intervals. Be particular about cleaning the eyes and ears. Give attention to its paws as the excessive fur can catch debris.

Currently, the American cocker spaniel is mostly a companion and beautiful show dog. But they are suited to tracking, hunting, and retrieving. Plus, they are good watchdogs and at agility sports.

The main health issues are glaucoma, cataracts, and pateller luxation. They live for 12 to 15 years. Litters are from1 to 7 puppies and the average litter is 5 pups.


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