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July 18, 2020
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Hunting Gear to Keep You Hunting Like a Pro

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Hunting gear can consist of many different items, from clothing to outdoor stands. There are categories of hunting gear for every season of the year. Some of the hunting gear can be used for all seasons and for all types of hunting, whether it's fowls or deer. The right hunting gear can make all the difference in the world to your successful hunting excursion.

This article will concentrate on the hunting gear you will need to wear and bring with you when you go on a hunting adventure.

Hunting Gear That Will Keep You Warm -

Depending on how long your trip will be, a weekend or a week, you should bring enough camouflage shirts, sweatshirts and pants to last at least a few days. The same goes with regular pants, say blue jeans or cotton pants that will withstand most types of weather. A pair of fleece or wool pants would be a good idea to pack in case of really cold weather. A heavy fleece or wool coat for the same reason is also a good idea, even on the sunniest days. The wind chill and cold weather can be deceiving. Insulated gloves, ones where the fingers pop out for using your crossbow or rifle work best and keep your hands and fingers warmest on the cold days. Hats that cover your ears are a great item to have, rather than a camouflage baseball cap. These hats have ear flaps that come down over your ears to keep them warm and are usually made of fur inside. They come in a variety of colors: green and brown or black and sometimes bright orange.

Hunting Gear for Your Feet -

You will need one or two pairs of insulated/waterproof boots, which you should break in before your trip. Two pairs are suggested because if one is wet, or gets wet inside, you will have a backup. Add one pair of tennis shoes for wearing around the camp site to be comfortable in while you are not out hunting. Insulated socks are a must have, and waterproof socks are a great thing to have if you can afford them. They are sold in many catalogs and military or hunting websites.

Little Things for Safety -

Now that we have your body covered, there are a few items you need to bring along to make the camping experience just like the comforts of home. You will want to pack waterproof matches or a cigarette lighter for the fire; a first aid kit is always a must when camping or hunting. You will need a sleeping bag, a pillow, and a tent to keep you out of the elements. You might want to throw in an extra blanket for warmth at night or to lie around the fire in the evenings.

Hunting Gear Necessities -

You will need a compass, a canteen or a water bottle, a hunting knife and a regular knife for cooking. You will also need cooking supplies which would be a pot and pan, a coffee pot, and something to turn the food with, such as a spatula and spices. Do not forget your spoon and fork to eat with. The knife will come in handy when cutting down small branches and twigs for firewood. Some people may prefer a camping stove and then you would only need the propane to fill the tank and it works just like a regular stove you have in your kitchen. Either way, you will need something to cook on and something to cook in.

Hunting Gear -

There are a few other hunting gear items you may need when going on your hunting trip. One is a backpack or a pack around your waist to carry your items out into the field, such as the first aid kit, your knife, extra socks, hat, gloves, and a bird call if you are hunting fowl. Anther item would be a pistol or small hand gun if you are using one for protection against dangerous animals who could charge at you and a rifle would not work in that type of situation.

Snacks are another good thing to carry with you in your backpack because it will be a long day waiting for the animal to cross your path or if you are walking towards the animals, you will become hungry and stopping to eat is not a good idea because of the smell. Something like granola bars are easy to carry with you and easy to handle while walking.

If you are taking your hunting dog, you will need to pack for him or her as well. Make sure they have a kennel that is well ventilated and have plenty of water at all times. You can carry their leash in your backpack or a pack around your waist if the dog is trained to hunt without a leash. Dog treats are another good idea.


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