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May 2, 2020
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Antique Mantel Clocks Are Popular To Collect

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Collecting antiques has been a popular hobby for many people for years. There are numerous websites and stores devoted solely to antiques and the people who buy and sell them. There are more websites and books that help collectors learn more about antiques, how to price them and how to make sure the pieces are authentic. Like any other category of collectibles there are trends and cycles in popularity. One kind of collectible that is currently popular is antique mantel clocks.

This kind of antique model clock dates back to around the 1750s. While the majority was made in what would become the United States, some were made in France. The easiest way to distinguish which were made in France and which were made in the United States is the design. Those made in the US are basically a clock in a wooden case. The French clocks are much more ornate. Seth Thomas and Howard Miller are both big names in antique mantel clocks.

The most common design of these clocks is the circle of the clock face set on a base that is longer and has tapering sides coming down from the housing of the clock face. While hat is the most common appearance of the antique clock there are several other styles in which they can be made, including being set into a small cabinet with a pendulum, similar to a grandfather clock style.

One of the benefits to an antique clock like this is that it didn't need to be wound each day like clocks up until that point had to be. This was because the knowledge of mechanics was advancing. The materials the clock makers were using were of better quality and they had better methods to use.

Some of the people who have antique mantel clocks have them because they are family heirlooms. Because they were such common clocks more of them have survived than from other styles. People who are looking to buy one of these clocks can find them with reputable dealers, either online or in antique stores.

There are several ways to authenticate an antique clock. The easiest way to check for any serial number to make sure that it matches the manufacturer. But not all clocks have serial numbers. Most companies making objects like these clocks put a maker's mark on them. That could be the owner's initials or the trademark of the company. Those marks can vary over time, which means that knowing what mark was used when can make it easy to say when the clock was made and if it is authentic.

People who love clocks and people who love antiques can join their loves together in antique mantel clocks. They are very popular right now which means that it's easy to find them. Just because there are many on the market doesn't mean that there aren't some very rare ones that will mean the person who loves hunting can still do that and can still have the thrill of discovery when they find the antique clock of their dreams.


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