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The term Bowie Knife which is commonly used today refers to any large sheath knife but it also applies directly to the specific original design by Colonel James "Jim" Bowie and originally created by James Black.The historical Bowie knife was not a single design, but was actually a series of knives improved several times by Jim Bowie over the years.

09 Mar 20

People from the world over are becoming increasingly involved with cherokee tattoos, making the Native American culture more eminent. This culture is greatly acknowledged because of its utter concurrence with nature. Nearly a superseded culture, many are eager to learn about it.

03 Apr 20

Bears can be found throughout the world. They are generally large animals, and are characterized by a plantigrade walk (on their heels, like humans), a large body, short legs, a stub of a tail, small, round ears, and forward facing eyes.All bears are classified as carnivores, with each species having a variable degree of herbivorous tendency.

28 Apr 20

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05 Oct 20
If you're like most people, you probably have no idea what spotting scope kits are. These kits are basically portable telescope that you carry around with you. These are used when you want a clearer vision of something that far into the distance. A spotting scope is different from a binocular in that it provides more magnification without sacrificing the quality of view.
01 Nov 20
There's a lot of reasons why avid fishermen say Alaska is the place to be for an excursion that will result in a lifetime of memories. Whether it's a weekend trip or a full-blown two-week excursion, Alaska fishing is like nothing else an outdoors type will experience.
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14 Oct 20
If you are looking for a new flashlight for your home, for your car, or for anywhere else that you might need quality light in a hurry, you should consider a tactical flashlight or torch. A tactical torch is one that is designed to be a professional flashlight and to serve the police, military, fire services, industrial workers and other professionals.
19 Nov 20
Cabo San Lucas is the second largest Mexican state of Baja California Sur. The main industries in this area are fishing and tourism. Since building the first commercial fishing platform in 1917 for catching tuna, the city has earned a reputation for being one of the best destinations for both serious and amateur anglers.
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